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Due to climate change, Bangladesh(my country's name) has become one of the most disaster-prone countries in the world. Every year heavy rainfall, flood, tornado, tidal surge, earthquakes, etc. are occurring. But, we should protect ourselves on these natural calamities.

Let's know how to tackle these natural disasters:

Flood occurs due to geographical, natural and man-made reasons. Flood cannot be controlled always. But we can take some preparation so that we can deal with it –

# We need to keep ourselves up-to-date regarding weather through radio, television and newspaper.
# We should dig a bamboo or stick in the nearby river or lake so that we can identify if the water level has increased or not.
# If water level increases very quickly, we should take preparation so that we can move to a flood shelter or in a safe place.
# Along with everyone, we will take pre and post flood preparation.
# To students and learners - We need to take care of our own book, usable things so that they do not soak in water.
# To deal with this disaster, we need to be brave as well as patient.
# Prior to flood, we will preserve dried food, pure drinking water.
# We shall always try to be in safety.


There will be a lot of damage if a earthquake happens. We need to be well-prepared for facing the earthquake. 

During an earthquake:
# Stay completely calm
# Do not get terrified and run here and there
# Cover your head with a pillow if in bed
# Take refugee under a wooden table or any other strong furniture
# Stay away from balcony, cupboards, windows or any hanging photo frames
# Stand near a beam if in a building
# After the first earthquake ends, get out of the houses making a line and stay in an open space
# First aid must be kept in house
# Bury dry food under the ground

Steps should be taken to construct earthquake tolerant houses. Damages can be reduced in this way.


Those people who live in cyclone-prone regions, at times they can be warned through signals. Signals of various numbers can be used to warn people. Besides, those who go for fishing will also be warned by these signals. These signals can be further announced on radio, television and a number of newspapers. In this way, everyone can be warned.

To deal with cyclones –

 We shall listen to signals regularly, inform others and prepare ourselves accordingly. 
# We shall arrange our books and other useful things before moving to shelters or any safe places. 
# We shall work together with our locality. 

# We shall listen to our elders and stay in safe places.   

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