A house should be not only the walls , it should have the bonds of love in the family.
types of sentences
bunglow, appartment , flat , hut and the moving house . the tent , the iglloo
poor people live in huts
today mostly we live in flats
bungalow is a huge building
whenever we go to summer camp we built tents
snow houses are also called as igloos

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1-  there are many kind of houses
       some made of wood
       some made of cement
       some made of bamboo
       some made of straw etc.
2-   a house is not only about beautiful walls ans paintings it is all about love.

3-    the laugh ,cry,pain, happiness ,mischief .these all things make a wonderful  house
4-   i house big or small but it shall have some happiness whether it may be of poor              people or rich people
5- th ehouses of animals like squrriles live in a hollow of a tree, lion lives in a cave etc. these also have the same thing in their house .these are kinds of house

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