As I look to the sky I can clearly see
The glorious sun beaming down on me
The clouds go from thick to a whispy thin
To miss such a view is a terrible sin
As I look around this spectacular place
I feel a smile take over my face
The fields of lush green grass are dotted
With beautiful wild flowers the bees have spotted
Busily flying from flower to flower
Pollinating before a shower
The distinctive red of a poppy field
To a tarmac strip they have to yield
The man-made pathway cuts through nature's canvas
Taking us to far flung places around us
To a built up concrete industrial machine
Where places like this are rarely seen
So whenever you visit the countryside
Take a few moments to put aside
So you will remember what you have seen
Before you return to the not so green.

"A note of nature
      a bird and a song
Listen so closely,
      it may be gone
A sound so softly
      heard in the din
The subtlety of nature
      about to begin
In urban urgency
      sprewn with debris
A bird and a note
      playing for me."