Well.It's a good question.I have read a story about how deserts were formed but I don't think it's real.Okay,I'll start the story..........

                             HOW DESSERTS WERE FORMED.
Long ago,when god created the world and the first man,he said to man"When you do a sin great or small,a peck of sand will fall on the ground.So try not to do any sins"

But man ignored god's warning and advice and started doing sins like killing animals.It was okay for that century.They ate the animals flesh and it's skin for covering themselves.But now,people are cutting trees,destroying forests along with it's natural habitat,polluting the air,water and land,etc......So these sins make to form large areas of land which are now called deserts..........

I am again telling this,I just read a story like this,I don't know either it is real or fake.So,don't think me as a fool.
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