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To protect the Earth and its natural resources, we have to practise conservation. Conservation means using the Earth's resources carefully so that the future generations can continue to use them. 

Now, there are, in total, three kinds of resources to be conserved – 
* Natural Resources
* Social Resources
* State Resources

Now, let's see the ways for conserving the Earth’s resources:

--> Natural Resources - Ways to conserve natural resources:

* Using 'green' technology: We can develop and use 'green' technology that is friendly to the environment. Essentially, such kind of technology helps us to use the Earth's resources properly and to reduce damage to our environment. 

* Enforcing laws: Laws can be enforced to protect our environment.

* Changing lifestyle: Conservation will only be successful if we are convinced that it is important. Conservation needs to become a part of our lifestyle. For instance, we can practise recycling.

--> Social Resources - Human beings develop a number of resources to meet various needs of their social life. We have plenty of social resources like - schools, libraries, hospitals, places of worship, roads, etc. These social resources are used in many ways. We will not do anything that may damage these resources. We will participate in different activities regarding the conservation and protection of our social resources. We will repair these things if they get destroyed. In this ways, we can protect out social resources.

--> State resources – There are some resources that are directly supervised by the government. These are called state resources. The land of the state, ocean, water of the rivers, forest, natural gas, electricity, roads and highways, railroad, rail stations, government offices, courthouses, large buildings, etc. are our state resources. We will take good care of our state resources. We will use water, gas, electricity according to our necessity. We will never waste anything. We will never do anything that may damage the state resources.

 The Earth is our home and the only planet we know that can support life. We need to act responsibility in using the resources. We will take good care of our social, state and natural resources. We will not do anything that may damage these resources. We will always take care of them. We will never misuse or overuse anything and protect them. We will maintain these resources. We will participate in the development of these resources. That is the ideal oath for conserving the Earth’s resources.


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