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Once there was a lady, who was sitting
Sitting down a bench, with someone
A stranger, was he, who spoke plainly , "Am going to observe thee",
7 days passed, a week to say, passing with the man gazin' 
At the lady, who felt utterly uncomfortable;
This went on----Until the last day, when the lady declared , "Enough of this, what are you doing, staring at me, insulting me feverishly!!"
The man spoke in confession, "Me was who, gaze you with curious eyes, and now its time to draw the conclusions,"
"And unveil my opinion which is you turn out to be a moon."
The lady, back in her happy mood, asked the stranger,  disdainfully -
"Oh, me. What brings you to say that."
The stranger replied, "For as the moon is beautiful for its dim light, but in reality it is dark without the sun's aid, very like the moon, thee's face is dark without make-up and vice versa - dimly bright with the aid of make-up."
Woman, "Oh, did I sit here only because to hear this from such silly man, Urgh!"
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