It's seems anandi was a girl from a rich family she had three elder sisters but her dad love her so much n want her to marry in good house bt due to critical prblms he saw a boy called shree kant he married anandi to dat boy..... One afternoon laal bihari shree kants, brother bought two birds and gave anandi too cook there was only a quarter of ghee so she hv put all ghee in it as she doesn't use for saving... When laal bihari sat for lunch he found dat there was no ghee in dal so he was hiperd.. At anandi after askng the reason she told dat there was only 1/4 ltr ghee which she added too the non veg.. Her husband was coming only at the weekend when he came his Bro told.. Tell ur wife to be in her limit shree kant asked anandi so she explained hole matter and also he insulted the ppl of her house shree kant started hating his Bro and told him to leave the house laal bihari told sorry to anandi and walked towards the door anandi stopped him she forgvd and also asked shree kant to forgv him after seeing this benimadav their father told bade ghar ki betiya bigda hua kaam bna leti h..... Hope it's useful for u
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