Barchan - A convex-shaped sand dune with a gentle slope up the side of the wind direction and a 30-35 degree slip face that faces away from the windBlowout - A small hollowDesert pavement - A sheet-like surface of rockDesert varnish - A dark stain on the surfaces of desert rocksDune - A hill or mountain of sandDreikanter - A three-faced weathered rockErg - A sand covered desertLoess - An accumulation of sediment or silt that are joined together by calcium carbonateDry lake - A waterless lakebed, typically covered in fine-grained rocks that contain saltSandhill - A sandy or low-vegetation hill area that receives minimal rainfall and has trouble retaining the water.Ventifact - Rocks that have been cut and polished by the windYardang - Very large or very long, streamlined, sculpted forms caused by wind erosion
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