Mahatma Gandhi's birthday on October two cleaning Prime Minister Narendra Modi will administer the oath to the nation. He will take this oath, "I am committed to sanitation and give it time ... I do not ever throw dirt nor will anyone do so."
Modi government Mahatma Gandhi's 150th birth anniversary in October 2019, two of the country is completely clean. Two October oaths were written in the format of the oath that Mahatma Gandhi had dreamed of an India which is not only free, but also clean and be developed.
He had freed Mother India and now it is our responsibility to clean up the country by making us serve Bharat Mata.
The Prime Minister will administer the oath to the people at a public event. Accordingly, all employees and government officials said on oath.
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FATHER OF OUR NATION - MAHATMA GANDHIJI has worked a lot for achieving that aim. But he couldn't. Now, we could see our present Prime minister Narendra Modi working hard for fulfilling our Gandhiji's ambition. He has just announced to make every public place on our India. He has just asked to make every places like temple, public roads, hospitals, schools from waste. This mission was officially announced by our PM on october 2nd at Rajghat of New Delhi. Through this mission. actually Indian Government is making a well picture of the need of a clean and healthy society in our nation
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