Dogs have often been called "Man's best friend". The dog is a familiar animal. It is very useful. I have a dog as a pet. This seems very true about my dog Tommy. Tommy and I go for a walk every morning because he has to ease himself. He socializes a lot with the passersby. At times he barks at people whom he does not particularly like. Tommy barks whenever it sees a stranger or a thief. I feel terrible whenever Tommy falls ill. He becomes as helpless as a baby during any sickness. With Tommy around I never feel lonely. Holidays are great because Tommy and I spend a lot of time running and playing in the park with a ball or with a bone. I feed Tommy every day and I love to make his meals because he enjoys eating and I love to watch him licking his plate dry within minutes. Tommy is my pet and I can easily say that he is the best friend that I have.

I hope this essay helps you............................Being happy...............