Around asia no country dances this kinda dance but this is in india . Classical dance forms are based on grace and formal gestures, steps, and poses. Indian classical Dances are based on  Natya Shastra . Classical dances can only be performed by trained dancers and who have studied their form for many years . Classical dances have very particular meanings for each step, known as "Mudras". Few classical dance forms in India are  Bharatnatyam of Tamil Nadu, Mohiniyattam of Kerala, Kuchipudi of Andhra Pradesh. It is a simple dance form performed for any societal celebrations in villages, for any harvests of food or any celebrations. No particular complex steps to dance, and a person without any particular knowledge  on dance can also perform it, as it is easy, fun, and free.Many folk dances are present in India, depending upon the regions.Few folk dance forms in India are Kalbelia, Kolattam,Bihu dance,Panthi, Fugdi, Garba, Ghumura.    
Folk dance is a traditional dance of India and classical dance is already a tradition so for eg:
Tibetan folk dance