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If u meany to say elocution then here is the poem :
my time is torn with thoughts of love
labors worn from pretending 
things i wish to come
hopes tied up in the labyrinth 
of my mind 
wishes all used up 
prayers running out of time
writing lots of poetry using the line "a relentless search to find"
the other half of myself
the one 
the want , the the need , the answer to my greed
who?is the question  the quest is launched for
what? is the subject , irresistibly amore
i cannot quell this instinctive quarry 
it must go on for eternity 
until i feel whole
only then will i reach my goal 
when? u know the answer is always now  
where? anywhere
how? with al my heart and everything i have 
with quick wit and foolishness to make her laugh 
with repetitious revisions or romantic gestures
with elocution of vows and phrases
make her believe the end of my day is 
when she leaves me alone


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