That's mythology and it differs in all the places. you should  believe what ever you like. of course there were temples in India from BC itself. there were many kings in India and many kingdoms too. they believed in god and constructed temples using stones.
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Dude seriously
I should have know rohith u are pathetic. And how can u guys chat like this in public huh.???
i will delete it dude
Your answer is completely wrong can u explain the meaning of mythology first?
myth means a wrong belief. this answer is wrong
I completely dont agree with the guy rockzzrock. Because he need to give sources which are authentic.
Look it depends on the time period you are talking.
In India there were no bibles or very few. Temples were there from BC period only. I don't think masjids were there because religion Islam or Muslim started in 610 A.D. So it would take time to reach India. Christianity started from a long time ago like in 0 A.D or 1 AD. 
Look in sangam age there were gods like Sivan and Murugan so they built temples for these gods. Hinduism started before sangam age so there could be few more temples built before too.
Thank you, any doubt you can ask me. :)