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1. Harappa was divided into two parts, the acropolis or citadel and the lower town
2. The draining system was well planned and trade flourished.
3. The biggest building in Harappa was the granary, where surplus and extra grain were stored
4. People Living in Harappa grew crops and reared cattle for both dairy and meat.
5. Craftsmen made things of stone, terracotta like beads, amulets, weights and ornaments.
6. They were mass jewelers and the place flourished. We know this by very small weights excavated there.
7. The world's first signs and public knowledge programs were in Harappa. The oldest signboard in the world is at Dholavira in Harappa.
8. It has one of the most challenging languages ever discovered and no one has ever deciphered Harappan Script.
9. The buildings were made of baked bricks, which lasted longer than normal bricks.
10. It declined due to Natural disasters 3500 yrs ago.

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5=It declined due to Ntural disasters 3 years ago" You wrote it in the same format I did.
i think u copied that
nopes yr U n me are correct
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1=Mohenjo-daro is the largest site
2=Harappan site is located in Haryana Rakhigarhi
3=origin of the Indus Valley Civilization(Indus Valley Civilization) lies between 3300 – 1300 BCE.
4=Harappa and Mohenjo-daro were the main cities of Indus Valley Civilization.
5= It declined due to Natural disasters 3500 yrs ago.