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1. The Mauryans were one of the first empires to come into existence in India.
2. The Main sources of information are based on literature, like the Artasastra by Chanakya and Indika.
3. The first ruler was Chandragupta Maurya, who ruled from 321-297 B.C
4. The first ruler defeated Seleceus Niecator , a general from Alexander The Great's army and conquered Magadha.
5. Then came Bindusara, who ruled from 297-273 BC. Under his rule almost the whole of India came to his power, except for Kalinga and some south india kingdoms.
6. The Most famous Mauryan ruler is Emperor Ashoka the Great, who ruled from 273-232 BC.
7. Ashoka made a number of inscriptions and Edicts and did a lot of Humanitarian work.
8. The Mauryans hade great Administration and Justice systems. 
9. Their Capital was Pataliputra, present day Patna in Bihar.                                       10. They were the first to do censuses.
11. It died out in later periods and the Guptas came in.
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