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On the first of June this year I was very excited because I planned to surprise my brother as it was his birthday. I went to the terrace to collect some things when I suddenly saw a small green creature with slimy skin and eyes as big as dinner plates. I was really scared because I had never seen such a creature before. The creature started walking towards me and started talking to me in English. The creature told me that his name is UFY231 and also greeted me. I was perplexed and asked him where he was from. He said that he is from mars and it shocked me more. I asked him what he was doing in my terrace and he told me that his friends accidentally dropped him from the space shuttle when they were traveling in outer space. We started talking and he was very friendly. He told me about the greatness of Mother Earth and the way humans are torturing her by increasing the levels of pollution and environmental degradation.. This created a sense of guilt in my mind. Suddenly a space shuttle arrived and he bade goodbye to me. I went inside my house with a bit of shock mixed with happiness.
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One day I was alone at home because my parents had gone to attend a wedding. I was having a great time, watching T. V and eating chips. My favourite programme comes on at 11 p.m and I was waiting for it eagerly. I think I fell asleep on the sofa and was awakened by strange sounds coming from the kitchen. I thought it must be a thief and so crept quietly to see. What I saw in the kitchen completely bowled me over. Could it be a dream or was this real? An alien was standing near the refrigerator and trying to understand what an ice cream cone was! Can you imagine, an alien in my house, a real green coloured thing with a weird face and two green sticks protruding from his head? 
I might be the luckiest boy in the whole block that is why the alien decided to come to my house. I decided that I must talk to this creature and find out more about him. Slowly I went near him and extended my hand and said hello. To  my surprise, he returned my hand shake, but did not say anything. I tried to talk to him about his origin and after much struggle with signals, I came to know that he belonged to the planet Mercury. He wanted to tell me more but was unable to get through to me. I, too was fed up and said, 'Oh my God' in English and to this he responded immediately. He could talk and understand English and I like a fool was talking to him in Hindi all the time. We had a long chat after that and I came to know about his family, which consisted of 59 members. I taught him how to eat an ice cream cone and we played games on my computer. Soon it was time for him to go as his space ship was due to come. I gave him my watch as a gift and he was bewildered by the way it works. He in turn gave me a game console and showed me how to use it, as it was much more advanced than what we use.
Having said goodbye to my new friend, I returned to my comfortable sofa to watch T. V but fell asleep almost immediately. In the morning I remembered the alien and quickly went to check the game, which was still there. So it was not a dream after all. 

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