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Human birth is the most superior birth on earth because they have the unique sixth sense. All people who are born as human beings aspire to study and then work to earn their livelihood. Some people become employers while some people become employees. They may have differences in their educational qualification or their level of experience but ultimately they are all humans. Hence when someone works for us, it is necessary that we must be authoritative with leadership skills but it is not necessary that we must be a dictator towards them. We must be strict in our action but we need not be too harsh. We must understand their constraints and get the job done successfully. We must learn to cooperate to coexist happily.
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Many people who do not have much money continously work for us for money . We should respect them and also be kind to them . We sometimes think that they fool Know nothing but it's wrong the only creature in the world by which we all are surviving is the farmer as if there are no farmers there would be no food and we would die. We shoud also help them everytime we can.
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