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FOR - Discussion
Yes, I agree. It is a great way of serving the country. Armies are the ones who defend their country, those who work to protect it. Protecting your country is a great job.. Even if you said "I am a country patriot - I love it dearly" , if you are asked to fight for your country in times of war.. then you would most probably said "oh hell, no". Then, what kind of love towards our country, is it?? If you love it.. then serve it.. to serve it protect and defend and fight for it.. The best way to do this is to join the army.

AGAINST - Discussion
No, never. There are plenty of other ways to serve the country...  why become a army? Becoming a army needs hard training and brave oath for defending it. Why need all these, when there are much easier and better ways? Instead of just fighting, lets do it logically and economically. Suppose.. if you are a doctor or nurse.. imagine how many people's lives would you be saving.. If you become a political leader, you become the head of armies.. you can control them and do lots of other things for the nation.. you have the whole country in your power(but, ofcourse bad politicians ruin the country).. There are much easier ways. Now, lets also highlight one army's private problems. He can never quite go out of the cantonment.. always busy.. changing habitat.. less interaction with family and much more. So, no need to become a army.. if you do then, okay.. not extremely mandatory.
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In favour 
Yes. To serve your country, army is a better way. This is a field where what you do, what you say is about the country. It needs practice, pledge to do something for the place which is yours, which you love the most- your country. Fighting for your country, saving it from enemies will be your aim. What better way you find else then being a soldier ? I think its the best way to protect your country, to show your love to the country and to serve your country.

Well. I don't agree. Why to join army to serve your country ? I feel that patriotism should be in your soul. If it is so you don't need to join an army. It's not that a country needs only soldiers..! It needs many more people who do it for country. For example- If you are a degree holder from a reputed university and you can go to foreign and get a good job there and lead a peaceful life, but if you want to serve your country from heart than you will work in your country and serve it by giving the best of you. Aren't you will be serving your country like this ? Country needs everyone, every single person of different fields. So why not get into your interest make it your job and serve country from your heart ! If you have patriotism in your sole you don't need to join army. Army needs great pledge, intelligence. Every one can't held it. So, serve your country from your heart !
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