The 77 acres of landscape development is under taken in the area just abutting to D/s of earthen embankment (left side) of Almatti Dam on one side and approach road which connects NH-13 of Dam Circle and other side is the river course. This area of development has a curvilinear 6 mt wide motorable service road which starts from Entrance Plaza and connects all historical gardens which in turn connects to future development in further area.Landscaping in 77 acres of land consists of 4 World Heritage Gardens viz.,    a) Moghal Garden : 25 acres including lawn development
    b) Italian Earlier Style : 05 acres including lawn development
    c) Italian Later Style : 05 acres.
    d) French Garden : 08 acres.
    e) Rose Garden : 01 acre.
Because the river Krishna provides irrigation which favors the growth of the trees in the orchards
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