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I've just finished my twelfth boards and now I'm at the cross roads in life. I always wanted to do something different in life. As robert frost said, " Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, I took the one less travelled by" I've decided to pursue my career in music. While my friends are running after professional courses, I've decided to build my career and make a living out of my passion. Music is almost like my life. To become a musician is something I've always aspired. Even after getting a degree in music, I won't stop. I will always keep singing and impart my skill to many young talented artists like me. Music is like a soothing balm for wounded hearts. I want to heal the world through my music and be a role model musician throughout the world.
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There is a aim in everyone's life and that is also mine. My aim of the life which the future of my life is to be a music professor i am a fan of music and the Indian and western types of music and i like  to see the singer's singing in their coat of room live. and i wish i can be very famous person by my profession. and the rest i think u should add something by ur own.
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