Its very much important for you to decide that first of all... that what should be the topic you wanna make th eproject on..
there are various sides of it.. u can just make a project based on theories and paperwork with lots of colourful pictures to make it worthy.. on the other hand if you are passionate and deep into it i can enlighten you with other ideas also.. lemme jus portray an exampl..

supposedly you are making you are making a project on synthetic drugs.. then besides jus stating their chemical formulae structure and use you can research on it.. you can consult the doctors on what drugs do they prescribe on what occasions dosage side effects.. then you can also research on the sales of the companies selling the same drugs with different names and can give a stat on their sale perhaps bring out comparisons also.. perhaps u can olso try on the banned drugs along with proper references and news paper cuttings.. i guess this might be interesting.. so ple lemme know if this was helpful
Yes the u should make the first page very attractive and the materials in that too
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u shuld decorte 1st pg very well , then the content should be relevant and paste pics .