Yes infact i feel proud living in india
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To live in a land which is known for its culture, heritage and ancient history itself is a blessing. To be born and raised in a country like india is a boon in disguise. India is known for both technological advancements and cultural richness. Technological advancements can exist anywhere if there is efficient manpower, but cultural richness is something that is inherited through generations. Some people feel deprived of their so called freedom by following indian rituals and customs. But this is attracting millions of foreigners all over the world who get fascinated by our culture. The fact that many indians are disowning their country is a disappointment. They don't understand the color our culture adds to your life. They also forget the dignity that our values give us and make us stand apart from others in the world forum. Our culture is not just about festivals,music and dance....there is a lot more....our culture is really very intense and deep adding color and meaning to our life. To put it in a nutshell, indian culture is unique and will always be.
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