You suspect that the density of mango change as it ripens.
A. make a hypothesis about your hunch.

B. describe a step by step produce on how you can test your hypothesis.

C. identify your independent variable,dependent variable and control variables in you experimental design.



Answer to the - A:
Suspecting that as mango ripens its density increases, my thoughts on the case, are -
 Every objects e.g. fruits, human body changes in characteristics as it ripens.
* If the upper statement is true, then mango must change after ripening, if not density - lets let go density for a while, a mango differs in color, taste, odour after ripening. Then, if it is so,  why not suspect that the density might also change?
* Proof (to show that a mango's density changes as it ripens): When a mango grows bigger(ages or ripens), it's size also increases. Eureka! Thats the point, as it increases in size, it depicts that its inner density has increases.

Answer to the - B:
A scientific idea needs to be experimented before, it can be declared as true. In the case of this project, I can experiment my hypothesis, as follows - 

1# Setting up- First, we have to take a half-ripen mango as a item. More than one are more preferable. 
2# Research - We will keep the mango or mangoes for a certain time without peeling and observe the changes that grow in it, as the days go. One week or two will be sufficient for research. We will check our noted item out everyday, and notice changes. We will thoroughly check everything, have to be serious - a glance is not enough for experimenting.
3# Winding up - Finallyafter all observation, we will make reports and draw conclusions and modify our hypothesis.