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English is very interesting because we can enjoy a lot in reading the text , studying grammar etc ... but i am interested in maths .after maths also other subjects comes for me.
                               Comes the topic" English my favorite subject " English is very interesting. The person who who  to read ,write and speak ,for him English is very interesting . In my experience i love to speak English .
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The essay is about English my favorite subject
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English is my favorite subject. It is much interesting to find the answers of grammar. It also been so tricky one for choosing of answer. We can also learns many things from it.We can also know how to write a meaning full word and sentence. We also know how to write a letter,complaint,notice,etc by english only. By learning english we can talk english much fluently and lives in many other places such as italy, venice  etc. In many ways english is much useful to us so english is my favirite subject