Here is a poem I wrote:
Seven Colors leap across the Sky
As we wake from the Rains.
Stretched, an arc of beauty
Looks on all the Saints.

On the grass is the hidden drop
Waiting to Wet mine Feet!
Whilst in the sky hath spread
The Beauty, very Neat!

Oh! Is this a gate! How far away it is!
When will I ever attain?
The Arch of Hues hath stretched itself
Does it feel no pain?

Hath thou looked after the wretched rain
The Beauty in a curve!
The Ugly Black sky will now shine
With the hues across its nerves.

                                                     -Aravind Suresh (Also known as IndieLov)
I did my best!
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kha se chapi kha se chapi???
what does that mean i dont know hindi very well
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