You went for boating in a lake near your town, with four of your friends.the excursion turned into nightmare as your boat over turned .write a real and imaginary account of your experience

please put this in english subject, do not put in math, as english experts may not see this.
"over turned" What does that mean? Went into wrong way or got flipped?


I was on the oars and Charlie and Freido were sitting up back, moaning it was hot. Suddenly I felt something rushed past by the oar in my left hand. Then I heard a sound like "Trck". Then I felt my shirt was getting wet. Suddenly , I saw a fall in the stream and we were screaming. 

Unimaginable Happened. We got left in the water and the boat, overturned went with the unstoppable current. We went with the currents and fell and got hit by rocks or fish swam by me and all that, but finally saw we were near the boat. I took out all my strength from gym class and flipped it. Then I used John's jacket and covered the leak with it. And in time, we were somewhere we didn't know.

We took out all the things we had and layed them on the shore and tied the boat to a rock. 

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