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Football is now-a-days almost a national game in Bengal. In the streets of cities, open fields of village boys and young men kick at football in all season. It is not a mere game of amusement. It is the breath of a Bengali boy.It is played in a plain ground 150 x 100 yards. The outside borders, center circle, the penalty lines, far end corners are all boldly lined. At the middle of both the last lines are set up goal posts with nets behind. Two linesmen look after the balls, going out of the field and a referee guides the match. After toss the winner selects either side or kick off. 11 players in their Club uniforms take positions. There are the goalkeepers, stoppers, half backs, linkmen, strikers and others to run up and down to create an opening for a score. As a ball crosses the goal post into net a goal is scored. For wonderful charges foul kick is offered to the opponents.

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