1) risk of heart attack
2) alter metabolism
3) have carcinogens 
4) make lose your mind
5) associated with asthma
6) speed up ageing.
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We are advised not to drink pepsi and coca cola because ,the ingredients of this are only co2 (carbon dioxide ) , sugar and water as you know, we intake oxygen and release co2 . but in this case u are intaking the co2 which may harm your body . the next thing is that it has high amount of acid. it means as acids and not good, if taken in huge quantities certain huge quantities certainly not good for health. the was a test conducted to check the acid level of cocola, the results were astonishing the acid level found was similar to which of harpic ( toilet cleaner ).the is a small suggestion for you . buy a coke and spill it in the toilet. your toilet will be cleaned.if you drink coke a eat mentos . there is chance of death . sorry . reaction makes cyanide in victims  stomach
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