Here is a poem I wrote:
Hark! Hail! The tiles ain’t slipping!
Hark! Hail! The Joy is coming!
Hark! Hail! The Bore is kneeling!
As I do frolic on the grass
Here and there, the bore is scarce!
Ball is kicked over the tile
Punishment ain’t deliver-i-ed!
The bright white swans are statues
Antelopes do overlook all!
There are no more slippery fears
Heat has come, Englishmen, Take off thy coats!
The time is hot, the heat at its top
Find your own little frolic.
It doesn’t rain, it isn’t springIt isn’t autumn, summer’s here
Englishmen, take off thy coats! Hark! Hail!
                                                    -Aravind Suresh (Also known as IndieLov)