A new born baby girl is considered inauspicious for father. The father wanted a boy who could become something in life and earn for the family. But still he took the responsibility. His wife wanted her to become a doctor. Successfully she completed her course in medicine and became a cancer specialist. Her father still had not accepted her. Many months later it was detected that her father had Cancer She wanted to give him the best treatment she could. And she did so and saved her father's life.☺
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Write a short story in about 150 words with following hints:-scenario:a tragedy strikes a farmer family. Beginning:farmer kalicharan had taken a loan of
rupees one thousand from the village money lender ami chand.unable to repay because of financial crisis due to crop failure.Middle:the money lender comes to farmer kalicharan's house with a few hired goons. threatens farmer kalicharan. Ending: Farmer kalicharan's dead body is found hanging from a tree.
Write a story of 150-200 words with following hints: Manab:-a young boy of class counselling:counsellor suggested careers in commerce.Manab
wanted to become a pilot and succeeded in his mission
Farmer Kalichran had taken loan of Rs.1000 from the village money lender Ami Chand. He was a small farmer so he could not repay the loan. He was a prey of financial crisis due to crop failure. He tried to request Ami Chand to give him some more time that he could repay his loan. But the interest was to high. He could not make it. Alas! One fine day the money lender comes to the farmer's house with some hired goons. And threatens him a lot. ......
The goons checks his house for some gold or other stuff but they find nothing. The next day farmer Kalicharan's deadth body is found on a tree.