From the list below write down the best application for each of the following tasks

Options:Word processing software, Presentation Software, Spreadsheet software,Database software, Web browser software

1.Write a business letter
2.Track sales
3.Monitor Cyber crime
4.Edit a book/ manuscript
5.Organize and store employee information
6.Create invitation
7.Surfing net
8.Billing system
9.Mark list tracking
10.Project explanation



1.Write a business letter - Word processing software
2.Track sales - Spreadsheet software
3.Monitor Cyber crime - Database software
4.Edit a book/ manuscript - Word processing software
5.Organize and store employee information - Database software
6.Create invitation - Word processing software
7.Surfing net - Web browser software
8.Billing system - Database software
9.Mark list tracking - Spreadsheet software
10.Project explanation - Presentation Software
thnk u ans for another one also
don't know the answer of the other one..
plz try it
pata nahin yaar...pata hota to jarur bata deta...waise wo sabka example kaise dun? filter to bahut saare hote hain...shrpen image naam ka ek tool hota hai...blur karne ka bhi tool hota hai