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Highlights : * This is a competency-based question. Though, competency-based, it should have no mention of the case in the question(a little bit, maybe.)

Accidents at playground and school always happen. They cause a lot of pain and suffering. Sometimes it also results in serious injuries or even death.

<Prevention of accidents>  We should always be careful and try to avoid accidents by following some important safety rules at playground and school.

Safety rules at School:
In school, we run around a lot. We also do a lot of work using sharp tools like pens, pencil, scissors or compass. A few precautions can take care of some unwanted incidents:

We should not push each other.
We should not run while climbing or going down the staircase.
We should be careful while handling sharp or pointed objects; we might hurt ourselves or others.
We should not play in the classroom.
We should not climb on the desks; we might fall down and hurt ourselves.
^ We should not fight with our friends or classmates.

Safety Rules on the Playground:

# We should be careful while playing on the swings, slides and jungle gym.
# We should not push others. Wait for your turn.
# We should not push vacant swings.
We should not go too close to the moving swings.
We should follow the rules of the game. We should not use sports equipment to hurt others. -  that is the case with your question.
 In case of any injury, we should must have a first-aid box in the school.

Implementing safety rules:
It is nothing, if students can be informed about these rules and understood why these are necessary, it should not take much to implement these rules. We people must discover the importance of the safety rules in our own safety; only, then these rules can be implemented.