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Meaning of recycling means making new products from waste materials. Recycling is compulsory because by this we are saving many things. All types of metal waste, glass, paper etc van be recycled. The local kabadiwala collects all the junf which is again used to make paper , plastic, containers etc.although plastic is not natural resource but uses up lot of fuel in its manufacturing processe.hence recycling plastic helps to conserve fules and recycling paper helps to conserve fores. in India, we dont throw any objects or applicants that doesn't work. We got it repair and use it again.thos helps to conserve resources as it discourages production and wastage. Therefore recycling is compulsory. recycling of things is becoming neccessary in these days.let me talk about the past few years we have cut down so many trees that some areas are now having like climate.the population is increasing on a large scale.we need paper and wood for making furnitures. the children does not think about this for once before wasting papers by making paper boats , aeroplanes , hats etc.they are using fresh pages for doing so.they should not do so.instead they should use the unwanted pages which has already been used in the past. this will lead to the recycling of papers and in this way we will not have to cut many trees.we can save our environment in this way as at a glance we can say that recycling should be compulsary
Yes of course. I mean it should be. it can help us make nonrenewable resources like plastic and glass renewable. it is helpful