U can try this  it is really nice i like it
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1. Making a CD Clock Most of us have lots of waste CDs lying around at home. If you have a cheap alarm clock (preferably round ), you can use it to create a wonderful CD alarm clock. Just take out the machinery from the clock and keep all parts separately, taking care not to damage any part and not to lose anything. Take an old alarm clock, some hot glue, and some quick drying adhesive like Elfy or Fevi-kwik. And, of course, a CD. Fix the machinery at the back side of the CD using the hot glue.
Then, stick the clock face on to the front side of it.
We are affixing an acrylic stand to the CD so that you can keep the alarm clock on your study desk after it is ready.   You can decorate the face of the clock using diamond buttons, pictures of your friends, family members or your favorite sport stars. Now, insert the alarm hand, seconds hand, minutes hand and hours hand inside. Insert the battery. And lo, the alarm clock is ready!i am sure ur teacher loves it
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