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The natural vegetation of South America are the Grasslands as argentine pampas.
Tropical savannas are found in Llanos of North-Eastern Colombia.There are tropical and subtropical rain forests and tropical deciduous rain forests.

The natural vegetation of North America  are the Grasslands and shrub lands.

The dry lands of western United States are covered with shrubs and some variety of cactus. Scrub lands usually cover most of the interior lowlands. The tundra is far southward of United States that is too cold for growth in any vegetation so it doesnt have much vegetation other than grasses,lichens and mosses.

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and what about United States of America ?
Much of the work on vegetation classification comes from European and North American ecologists, and they have fundamentally different approaches. In North America, vegetation types are based on a combination of the following criteria: climate pattern, plant habit, phenology and/or growth form, and dominant species. In the current US standard (adopted by theFederal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC), and originally developed by UNESCO and The Nature Conservancy), the classification is hierarchical and incorporates the non-floristic criteria into the upper (most general) five levels and limited floristic criteria only into the lower (most specific) two levels. In Europe, classification often relies much more heavily, sometimes entirely, on floristic (species) composition alone, without explicit reference to climate, phenoloogy or growth forms. It often emphasizes indicator or diagnostic species which may distinguish one classification from another.
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