The scenery was very wonderful.its was so pleasant. v fell delighted by watching it. sun was light yellow in color . its like sun was wishing us a pleasant mrng .
The Mist covered the place. The Cow mooed and the Rooster crowed. I look out the Window. No one. A slightly dim place. I opened the door cautiously, wanting to get some proper fresh air. An essence filled the air. I went to the barn. I took out a small bundle of Hay and fed it to the cow. Yes, Grandma was there, milking the cows. I went to the back of the house. The big pond's water glittered, which I washed my face in. I felt fresh. I never thought being Rural was this good. Well then, I saw a really good berry just hanging there on the tree, and I plucked and tasted it. Not too bad. A cold wind blew, and the mist blew into my face. I brushed my teeth, put on my brown coat and came out. The pines were covered with dews and I felt my shoes getting wet. The wind blew again, and I gripped onto my coat tighter. Suddenly, I remembered, I had planned to get my courage milking a cow. And that is exactly what I was going to do. The birds chirped and flew as I walked towards the Barn.