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King Yano ruled from the Island of Crepts.One day at his court, a carpet seller who hailed from India came with a bunch of Jute Carpets in his bag. The seller said to the king, " I will give you a carpet of Gems if you let me stay here for the day". The Intelligent King knew his plans and said this:"I will let you stay if can trap a bird in it without showing any form of cruelty, and I will give you rich things too".The stupid seller agreed, and went to the forest. There he saw two birds. He also saw a magician resting under a tree. He went to the Magician and told his wish. The magician did his magic and soon the bird was unconscious and fell into the carpet, which he took to the king happily.  The king then said, "You have showed cruelty. I was the Magician. What will the other bird think?" The stupid seller ran away, never to be heard