P,q,r,s,t,v,x,y are seated in a straight line facing north.p sits fourth to the left of v.v sits either sixth from the left and of the line or fourth from the right end of line.s sits second to the right of r.r is not an immediate neighbour of v.t and q are immediate neighbours of each other but neither t nor q sit at extreme ends of the line.only one person sits between t and x.x does not sit at extreme ends of line
Q1 how many persons are sitting between r and p
Q2 what is the position of q with respect to p.



From the given information, the sitting sequence is:

R P S Q T V X Y U "or" R P S Q T V X U Y
(Since no information is given about position of Y and U)

1. So there is no one between R and P.
2. Q is 2nd to the right of P.