Forgiveness is the best revenge........comment on it!

I can't make you a story, I am not that creative. But, I can point out a famous story, where this moral is a factor - read Shakespeare's "The Merchant of Venice".
it is a complex story though.. I have to say... but it is pure literature..


Its true...
as in some case if we just forgive people without being aggressive they get the best lesson. Because each time its not good to react even being calm you can take your revenge. As if a person have  an habit of abusing and even listening in back there will be no use of fighting with them but if you stay calm and quite and just forgive them they will realize their mistake and will feel bad for their reaction and behavior.
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Yes we should forgive others and treat all as our friends but we should not always forgive other if they are out of our control.Then also as a human being we should try to forgive them.It is difficult to forgive others completely without having a small belief that you were right and they were wrong. 
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