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Of all the natural resources given to us by nature, water is one of the most essential one. We need water for drinking, cooking, irrigation, and transport among other important purposes that support our daily life. The evolvement of life on earth required water, without which life on earth would not have happened. Water is one resource that is important for the existence of all the living things on the planet. From plants, animals, humans, water is heavily depended on for survival. Without water there would no seas, no aquatic life and certainly nothing would be able to exist for a day. Forests depend on water without which we wouldn’t be able to enjoy all the important things that forests provide for our survival. Basically water is the very essential resource that allows us the privilege to enjoy other products that need water to be made As a renewable resource, its uses are listless, from homes, factories, fields among others. Without water all the rivers, oceans, seas, would not be there and we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the various delicacies that are harvested like fish, oysters etc. Water covers over half of the earth. Over 70 percent of the earth is water meaning its one of the most important resources on earth. Our bodies are also made of more than 90 percent of water without which we would be a mass of bones and mass walking around. Water is used to generate electricity and other forms of energy which makes our life better and easier on earth. Without electricity, life would on earth would hard where we do everything manually. From the basic needs such as drinking, bathing, cooking to more complex things such as running machines, generating power water is one thing we can’t live without. But as man continues to advance himself for a better life, he continually dumps waste in the water bodies, use chemicals that pollute water and does other practices that threaten the maintenance of clean water. For our sake and the sake of our future generations, it’s important to preserve this important resource if we want to survive on the planet. After reading the whole article, we understand that how important is water for our livelihood.

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