Frame questions to which the following statements are answers. Use the question word given in bracket: i Priya lives in a hostel. (where) ii The A.P. Express reached New Delhi five hours late. (when) iii Without making any noise, the thief crept near the steel cupboard. (how) iv “Look out”, shouted the tall man. (what) v The children went to the Exhibition with their class teacher. (with whom) 5



1) Where does Priya live?
2) When did A.P. Express reached New Delhi?
3) How the thief crept near the steel cupboard?
4) What did tall man shout?
5) With whom the children went to the exhibition? 

i.  Where does Priya live?

ii.  When did the A.P. express reached in New Delhi?

iii. How the theif crept near the steel cupboard?

iv.  What did the tall man said?

v.  With whom the children went to the exhibition?

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