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Abkbar the Great had religious tolerance. He had married a number of rajput princess to gain control over the states.He waged less wars and made diplomacy instead of wars.He  had achieved the belief of the Rajputs but the Marathas repelled him.During his reign he took social reforms and abolished child-marriage,practise of sati and the sell of liquor.He made a book named 'DIWAN-i-KHAS' which borrowed good points from every religion.However this diwan-i-khas attracted very ew people and soon disappeared after Akbar's death.
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The great emperor akbar was muslim and then also he married a rajput princess . he gave the end to the heritage tax. he was very curius about his state . he had great persons in his court like todarmal, birbal , tansen and many more. he was vey brave. the biography of him is also written as the akbarnama . he kept the equality between muslims and the hindus. he had the dream of the whole country with no fights but with love and his period the india was progressing. he was a great lover of paintings . though he didn't know reading and writing he kept the information about all fields