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I agree in our world of big names true heroes often tend to go unacknowledged..
lets take an example over here .... imagine there is an attack over our country India. Everyone is disturbed.. some our injured.. some our scared .. some our mentally disturbed... At that tym a politician comes orates speech to the whole nation requesting the people to stay calm and telling them that everything will be under control in  few hours.. After a few hours the attacks our taken under control by the RAF , military people or we can say the defence forces.. everyone is a bit relaxed.. its night tym brainstorms occurring in the minds of the people regarding how the night will be .. will it pass quietly or something will happen .. again a politician addresses the people not to think much and take rest ... 

after a few days everything is fine.. people start coming back to their regular schedules.. a person posts on fb or twitter saying :
 Thanks to Mr.____ ( politician ) because of him we are safe today.. He stopped the attacks and so on.. 
slowly  this post becomes very popular and everyone starts thanking him ..

The result is that the politician(big name acc. to the question) is made the hero ..
BUT I am sorry to say , he is not the true hero ..
what has he done did he go and fight with the terrorists? did he take the situation under control?  did he take the injured people to the hospital ? did he loose his life or blood ? well the answer is no to all these questions ... He was not the one to do any of these instead he was just the one to take the credit which he didn't actually deserve ( sorry again ).. 
The question arises who is the real hero then ??
answer is as simple as the question ..
The people who fought with those terrorists, the people who didn't care about their lives to save the lives of others , people who faced death only to save other people from being killed...n who are these people ?? They are the people of the defence forces ( RAF , BSF , army ,military etc.) 
They are the two credit holders..They are the true heroes ..
but they remained  unacknowledged .. no one thanked them .. they didn't get any special reward for it ... they say they don't want any reward or name .. that is their  humanity ...

I believe that this is how in our world of big names true heroes often tend to go unacknowledged..

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