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Well,the topic is very common yet it seems very interesting.

wastes as what we call unwanted materials.we find a lot of them in our daily life.wastes can be can be food,clothes,books etc.

we may be rich enough to buy the same thing again.we usually throw something as waste by thinking that we will buy a new one.

india is a growing country.most of the people living here are working day and night just for the arrangment of daily meal.dear friends,think about these people.think that how we can help these people in improving their living conditions.surely we have many remedies.we can do a lot if we are really willing to do so.

of course, what we had thrown away as waste can be usuable by these people.if we give these things which we call waste to these people who need it then it will help them to live a better and advanced people.

we can give clothes which will help them to cover their bodies .giving our old books to them which help them to them food may satisfy their hunger.

so my dear friends now you all decide that should we be selfish or help others to make india, the best country.
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