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Well the topic is books.i will continue my speech with questions along with their answers.
* what are books?
- well ,books are nothing much when just seen with is just a bundle of many papers pined or binded together.
But books are not what it seems from has great importance in our is not just a set of papers ,it is a basket of immense knowledge,emotions and friendship.

* why are books so important for us?
- books have no eyes.yet it knows all.we need books to grow into a better person.we need them to build a good future.they are our friends at times when we are alone.they are a bunch of emotions.writers puts into it many emotions like comedy,love ,care etc.

* are books just of one kind?
- no.there are many kinds of books.some kinds are --love , care,adventurous,sad,struggle,knowledge or studies,horror and many more.all of these have their own characteristic features.

* conclusion:
-books are also called our best friend.they needs makes us feel lonely.they makes us mentally powerful.lets not throw them instead utilize them to create a better future.lets respect the writers and lets love these non living things-books.
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