I m Giving U Points:
The diseases are: 
High blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, growth problems brought about by excess weight, risk of heart attack, cardiovascular illness.

Caused due to deficiencies of:
Vitamin A deficiencies, Iodine deficiencies and Iron deficiencies.

Causes are:
* A diet is not balanced nutritional content
* There is a problem in the digestive system
* The existence of certain medical conditions

“Things Are Not Stuck the Way They Are”

* Lack of energy
* Immune system is low
* The skin is dry
* Rotting teeth
* Weight loss is less
* Growth is slow
* Weakness in the muscles
* Bones are easily broken

Measures to be taken:
1. Vegetables, fruits, and seeds to be taken to increase energy.
2. Eat fruits in breakfast.
3. Meat, milk and processed products, or fish once a day.
4. Drink 8 glasses of water a day. 
5. Eat eatables rich in fiber.