From my childhood i dreamt of being an ias officer . my friends said me that it can't be true . but yet i keep trying . as our great scientist also says dream for completing them.
and after all a small aim is a crime as told by great writer H G Wells. so i keep trying . i was very curious on the day of my exams . as we are working no one is with us we are alone. even our parents is not with us only their sympathy and blessings are with keep dreaming and work to complete them.
We all have a dream in our life from our childhood n yes we all try our best to achieve it but only some can do it. I also had many dreams from my childhood but my most precious dream was to become an I.A.S officer n now i had achieved it and the day when i achieved was the most happiest day of my life.That day i threw a party to my friends n we all enjoyed it. It was the best day of my life