When ever we see people around us we mostly don't notice what they are doing. But on careful analysis we will find that most common or peculiar human nature can be identified from the people around us. We are always around people. At home we have our parent or siblings. At school there is the staff or our classmates. In buses ,at restaurant on roads everywhere there is people. To understand human psychology we must understand the crowd we are in. For example an orator decides the tone of his speech from the crowd. If the crowd is young the speech is lively and if the crowd is old the speech is monotonous and factual. People around us always have something to say. They are always ready to pass comment or give us advice. They might not know the whole story and yet they are very interested in gossip or pasing comments. People love to talk big yet the crowd of India can't act. Well this a common mentality. They are silent spectators who can never act on own. They are no leaders but followers
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