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                                            " JOURNEY BY NIGHT"                          
                                                                            'BY NORAH BURKE' 
1)                                      LIFE AT LALDWANI VILLAGE
"JOURNEY BY NIGHT" by 'Norah Burke' represents  a graphic picture of the life of the country folk residing in the Laldwani village on the foothills of Himalayas. It is a small backward village, untouched in many ways by the steak of urbanization. The roads are kutcha (un-metalled). There are no railways. There is also no bridge on the nearest river. The second river has a bridge made of bamboos, a primary structure which is easily broken.

People here live in small huts of mud and grass. Their chief occupation is farming. The villagers also keep cattle. Men till the land while women look after the household. However, in spite of the patriarchal set-up, women have an important role to play. When the head of family is away, it is the woman who assumes his role; tilling the land, grazing the cattle, and also taking important decisions in their tragedy full life.

The people lead a simple life. They gather sticks from the forest for firewood; the also use dung as fuel. Their life is hard. the surrounding jungle is the home to wild animals and also the cause of hazardous diseases like cholera and influenza. In the absence of medical facilities, the villagers feel themselves lost when attacked by a disease. They have a fixed set of beliefs, and when somebody has to be carried to the hospital, it is understood that his condition is critical, and the person is doomed.

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Explain the jungle scenario and how life amidst the deadly aspects of nature in the story journey by night by Norah Burke and in the story tiger in the tunnel