1. it is used in photography to create the angle on the human form.
2. Geometry used in Architecture    . Arches are used to withstand maximum weight.
3.Geometry used  in Cycles .
4.Geometry used in Stairs . 

Astronomy,Dynamics,Statics,Spacial movemnts of Satellites and plannets , knwoledge of the sun ,stars,milky way and universe are the extended thought of the geometry.
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Geometry, the study of space and spatial relationships, is an important and essential branch of the mathematics curriculum at all grade levels. The ability to apply geometric concepts is a life skill used in many occupations. The study of geometry provides the student with a vehicle for enhancing logical reasoning and deductive thinking for modeling abstract problems. 

The study of Geometry develops logical reasoning and deductive thinking, which helps us expand both mentally and mathematically. Euclidean Geometry is a branch of mathematics where one must understand the material, and apply the understood material to discover patterns and relationships. 

Why is Euclidean Geometry Important to Understand? 

The importance of Euclidean geometry is one of historical and practical use for the study of mathematics in today's society. Euclidean geometry is one of the oldest branches of mathematics, developed by Euclid in 300BC, and serves as the basis of modern mathematics that governs our world. 

Geometry is also used in the early stages of our life, to help develop the mind in determining differences. We all had the game as a child where we must place the different shapes (square, triangles, circles, and so on) in the right slots. These games help us as toddlers to make deductions that in return expand our mind, and are the first exposure to mathematics we as individuals will encounter. 

Geometry holds great importance in the forever-expanding world of mathematics. It enables us to picture what is happening in problems we may encounter in the study of mathematics. The study of geometry helps us develop the ability to visualize shapes, volume, area, and so on. Geometric proofs play an important role in the expansion and understanding of many branches of mathematics, from Venn diagrams in set theory to area under the graph in calculus. 

These are reasons why geometry is important in our lives as citizens of the modern world. It is important to understand Euclidean geometry when studying a course because Euclidean geometry does not follow any set pattern. In a course such as calculus, if one knows the pattern or steps to doing a specific type question, then one can easily do these types of questions. But for Euclidean geometry, one can only learn the axioms and results proven from these axioms. The student must apply these axioms with no set pattern or list of steps for solving such problems. Therefore, each problem can have one, two, three, four or infinitely many solutions. 

We seem to find aspects of Euclidean geometry everywhere in life. These aspects appear in ones career, in things we take for granted such as bridges, and even the homes we live in. Man used circles and angles to create the sundial, an elementary form of timepiece. The introduction of time made mankind more aware of seasons, age, the concept of motion, and so on. It is important to understand Euclidean geometry even in our entertainment. In such games as pool one uses angles and triangles indirectly to place the balls into the pockets of the pool table. Euclidean geometry is important to understand even for the artist, since most drawings include shapes such as triangles, squares, rhombus, and so on. In modern art these geometric shapes appear as the main concept of the art. So even for artists, an understanding of the very basic concepts of Euclidean geometry is important.